Plugin pmd

The PMD plugin provides the functionality of PMD to Loom. See the PMD website for a comprehensive documentation of existing RuleSets and how to create custom ones.

Loom uses PMD version 5.8.1.


This plugin configures two products: pmdMainReport and pmdTestReport to provide reports for sources in src/main/java/ and src/test/java/ respectively.

These products are registered for the check goal (which is part of the build goal).


Rules with a lower priority will not be used. Possible priorities are: LOW (default), MEDIUM_LOW, MEDIUM, MEDIUM_HIGH and HIGH
A comma separated list of RuleSets. By default, only rulesets/java/basic.xml is configured – which is embedded in PMD. If you specify a RuleSet which is not embedded in PMD, the specified path has to be relative to the module path for which the configuration is made. See the PMD RuleSet index and PMD RuleSet files for a full reference of all available RuleSets.