Plugin spotbugs

The SpotBugs plugin provides the functionality of SpotBugs to Loom.

From the SpotBugs website: SpotBugs is the spiritual successor of FindBugs_, carrying on from the point where it left off with support of its community.

Loom uses SpotBugs version 3.1.0, FbContrib version, FindSecBugs version 1.7.1.


This plugin configures two products: spotbugsMainReport and spotbugsTestReport to provide reports for compiled main and test classes respectively.

These products are registered for the check goal (which is part of the build goal).


Additional SpotBugs plugins can be activated by listing them comma separated. Currently available plugins are: FbContrib (see FbContrib website) and FindSecBugs (see FindSecBugs website).
The effort level SpotBugs should use. Possible levels are: min, default (default), max. Higher values may find more bugs, but also have more cpu and memory consumption (and thus may take longer).
Filename of a filter configuration (blacklist). Example: config/spotbugs/exclude-filters.xml. See SpotBugs Filter file for details on how to create such a filter.
Boolean flag to allow the exclusion of test classes. As it is not recommended, the default is false. Set it to true to have standard Maven behaviour.
Filename of a filter configuration (whitelist). Example: config/spotbugs/include-filters.xml. See SpotBugs Filter file for details on how to create such a filter.
The report output format. Possible values are: html (default) and xml.
Defines the minimum priority a bug has to have to get reported. Possible levels are: LOW, NORMAL (default), HIGH.