Plugin springboot

To build a Spring Boot application, first create a module.yml configuration:

  - springboot
  springboot.version: 1.5.4.RELEASE
  - org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-web:1.5.4.RELEASE

Alternative 1 - Build and run Fat-JAR

The first, any simplest way to build/launch a Spring Boot application is the Fat-JAR approach, where a single jar containing all other dependencies is created and launched.

./loom build springBootFatJarApplication
java -jar build/products/unnamed/springboot-fatjar/unnamed-fatjar.jar

Alternative 2 - Build application for Docker container

The second approach is, to create a Docker image for your application and start a Docker container with that image.

First, create a file called Dockerfile:

 FROM openjdk:9-slim

 EXPOSE 8080


 COPY build/products/unnamed/springboot/META-INF /app/META-INF
 COPY build/products/unnamed/springboot/org /app/org
 COPY build/products/unnamed/springboot/BOOT-INF/lib /app/BOOT-INF/lib
 COPY build/products/unnamed/springboot/BOOT-INF/classes /app/BOOT-INF/classes

 CMD ["java", "-cp", "/app", "", "org.springframework.boot.loader.JarLauncher"]

Then, build the application, the docker image and launch a container:

./loom build
docker build -t my-spring-boot-app .
docker run -ti my-spring-boot-app


Use this setting to specify the version of the Spring Boot Loader to use. Spring Boot 1.5.x releases are known to work.